Twenty Approaches in Fifteen Days [The Beginning]

By the time I did my first approach after the hiatus, it might as well have been my first approach all over again. The very thought of approaching the first woman made my heart rate skyrocket. It was at Walmart later in the morning. I went out by myself to go to the mall which would give me some women to talk to. I got sidetracked and ended up at Walmart instead.

I was walking through the store to see if I could find a girl that caught my attention. There just so happened to be such a girl looking through the hair products. She wasn’t all dressed up. She was just standing there in a tee shirt and sweats. She was a short mexican girl with dark hair and eyes. My mind tried to plot a plan of attack. What would I say? How could I start a conversation with her without it being awkward? I tried to look as if I was searching for something while I collected my thoughts. Of course I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb since guys don’t hang around the hair product section often.

Eventually I just had to accept the fact that this was my first approach in a long time and it was not destined to go well. I pulled out my memorized opener since my mind was paralyzed with fear. I walked over to her and tapped her on the arm. When she turned around I delivered my opener. “I just saw you from down the aisle and had to risk total embarrassment to say Hi, My name is Dustin”. She was a little taken back. Her response was “Aww, thank you.”

I chatted with her about why she was there and we eventually talked about where she was working and what not. She is a bartender at the strip club down the street. It was kind of an ironic way to start my little adventure. Eventually she told me that she has a boyfriend and so I ended the conversation.

It was the first approach and I felt really good about it. It felt like a million bucks to walk out of Walmart with that first approach under my belt. Only nineteen left!

I continued my way down the street to the mall. I knew I had a whole lot more to accomplish when I got there. First place I went was Barnes and Noble. I already had an approach there so I felt confident that I could snag number two.

I went up and down the aisles until I a girl in one of the ailes caught my attention. She was a tall blonde named Sarah. After spending a few moments thinking about the approach, I went in. I used the same opener as before and got nearly the same response. The conversation seemed to flow quite nice. It was another victory in Barnes and Noble! I had a lot more to do so I ended the conversation and went for the number. She accepted and put her number into my phone.

Once I got the second approach done I was on a roll. I spent a few hours at the mall and did six more approaches. All of them the rest of the day told me they had boyfriends but I still felt really great about the accomplishment.

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