Love Your Mother

When is the last time you told your mom that you love her? I know for me it has been way too long. Guys in general have problems with showing affection and love to others. I know I’ve told myself that I’m just not wired that way. My family have never been ones to show affection to one another. I can’t remember the last time I kissed my mom and told her that I love her.

It seems like things have gone this way for so long that it might cause problems to change. I mean, if my mother really wanted to have a relationship with me like that, she would make it happen. Its always easier to keep the status quo, but is that the kind of relationship I want?

When I start to think about why this is difficult, I can’t help but think that this is the woman inside of whom I spent nine months. When I did finally break out and come into this world, she cared for me. All of the things I couldn’t do for myself, she did for me. She rejoiced when I took my first steps. She took my side even when I was wrong.

I remember back when my mom decided to adopt my sister, Lexi. We went through the hassle of the adoption processes. We had to get lawyers to handle the case. We had to open our home and our lives to the social workers to determine if we were a suitable home for Lexi.

Lexi’s biological mother is my cousin. She was 14 when Lexi was born and was not able to care for her. At the time my aunt and uncle had their hands full with my grandmother and didn’t have the resources to care for Lexi either. My mom stepped up and offered to adopt her to keep Lexi in the family. My mom has always been the one to sacrifice for others. When we first got Lexi I was shocked how much my mom loved her and cared for her. She could do nothing for herself and my mom cared for her just like she was her own.

I didn’t really know how to react when Lexi came home. She was my sister yet I knew that she was my cousin’s baby. It was my first real experience with raising children. I was the youngest and so I never really helped raise anyone. I remember being so scared the first time I was left home alone with Lexi. What if she cried and I couldn’t get her to stop? Worse yet, what if she pooped and I had to deal with that. Needless to say, she delivered a package that I didn’t want to accept, but I dealt with it.

Then I think that my mom did the same for me when I was young and yet I don’t feel comfortable opening up to her; to tell her that I’m so thankful that she cared for me just like she cared for Lexi. How did I let my relationship with my mom get so bad that I can’t open up to her and tell her that I love her?

The first mistake I’ve made is that I take my mom for granted. I figure that she is always going to be there for me, that there is always a time, that someday I will fix my mistake and turn things around. I get comfort that I can still fix things… someday. What if I stopped worrying about it and made that day today? What would our relationship look like then?

I make the choice of how we relate with the people in our lives every day. Choose today as the day you make the change! Since today is mother’s day, I just want my mom to know that I love her and that she means the world to me. I would not be the person I am today without her love and guidance. Let your mom know you love her. You have no idea what that will mean to her!

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