Getting Back Up

I remember back in elementary school how we used to make fun of these commercials that were on TV. You would see some elderly lady on the floor and she would say “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” The kids at school would imitate these commercials at school and we would all laugh. It seemed like a foreign concept to fall on the floor and not be able to get back up. Now I’m not trying to pick on elderly people that fall and can’t get back up but, the sad reality is that this is true for a lot of us and we don’t even know it.

Perhaps you can fall on the floor and pick yourself back up; dust off your pants and get back to life. But what if you kept falling over and over again? Would you continue to get back up? I hope you answer “yes” to that question.

I went skiing with a bunch of friends a few weeks ago. It was my first time skiing ever. I expected that it would be a difficult day. I’ve been trying to explore new activities a lot recently and know that it is always hard to get started. During the day I fell a lot. I couldn’t get my turning down very well and in skiing, you must be able to turn. You don’t want to point your skis straight down the mountain and go as a beginner. When I started heading towards trees and couldn’t turn I had to fall. The worst part about falling is getting back up.

My friend Mike spent most of the day teaching me how to ski. Although Mike is not the best teacher, I didn’t die and I learned a lot. Mike made a comment after the day was over that he had never been so sore in his shoulders from skiing. He had helped me get back up so much that day he was sore!

There were many times throughout that day that I would fall and just didn’t want to get back up. It was so hard to get back up. I knew that I would just fall again. I thought that it would never get easier. That I would always fall. I had to block the negative thoughts and keep trying. I felt like I left everything I had on that mountain.

Yet, I knew then that next time it would be easier. I now have some experience behind me and I know what to expect. I will still fall but I will choose to get back up. I believe this story has a broader application than just skiing. There are many things we are afraid of trying simply because we know we will fall. I know my ego took a lot of bruises that day as I watched the little kids ski around me without a single problem.

The point is to get back up after falling. We will all fall. You must not avoid something in your life just because you will fail at it. If Colonel Sanders would have given up when a new road put him out of business then we wouldn’t have KFC. Instead he took $105 and went out and visited potential franchisees and was able to sell them on his secret eleven herbs and spices.

God uses these failures to create something bigger and better in your life. How many things would be different in your life if you never would have failed. Colonel Sanders would have just kept on running his restaurant and would never attempt to make the KFC franchise. I would write off skiing as boring and easy if I didn’t have to work at learning how to ski. Things that come easy to us don’t have value.

The longer you fight for something, the more valuable it is. The longer you fight, the stronger you will be. There is a lot of growth that comes from falling. We laughed as kids at those elderly people in the commercial not because they had fallen. It was because we didn’t understand why they didn’t get back up. Choose to get back up.

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