The Purpose


The turning point came for me when God showed me that I am not simply a result of my biology. I have a say in how my life turns out, that I can work on myself and improve my life. This is the purpose of this website. I want to show others what that looks like. How to make steps in the right direction to create a better tomorrow for yourself.

In my business I failed to realize that success wasn’t in the idea. It was in the people. Success follows people. Some success is inherent to the individual but, people who succeed in many different areas have certain attitudes, things that guide them through anything they do in their life. My goal is to study and learn from those people. Continue reading

New Beginnings


After discovering God, I found that my life had purpose and meaning. I wasn’t some random person that just happened to be here, that my only job was to not be a burden to others. I was here for a purpose and that purpose was to change the world. God challenged me to grow because He was sculpting me into the man I needed to be. God placed me here for a purpose and in order to fulfill that purpose, I needed those skills. One of the first things God challenged me to do was to go to church. Continue reading