Five Points to Healthy Living


life-tyleHealthy eating is definitely important to achieving an optimum body weight but it is not the only key. From my experience is accounts for about 80% of your results. The other 20% comes from the activity level in your life. Here are some things I have learned about creating a healthy lifestyle.

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Somewhere in the Middle


I can’t believe April is already over. Where did my month go? I’m sitting down to finally write out this article that has been in the works all month. It seems that I have so much to say yet so little thought out. I debated if I would even write this article or pick something else more fluffy and light hearted. It would, however, not be what I wrote about in my about page. Continue reading

Approach Reflections, Part 2


The second question I posed last time was this. How do I change my choices in dating? This question has bothered me for quite a while. There is no simple, easy answers. It also begs another question. What am I selling? Dating is about selling yourself to someone else. Unfortunately in this business, it is always personal. Continue reading

Approach Reflections, Part 1


It seems like so long ago that I made the first approach. I can see that those first approaches really challenged my reality. My goal was to be proactive and handle a part of my life that had seemed to elude me for so long. I wanted to have choice in my dating life and wanted to be working toward that goal. Continue reading

Twenty Approaches in Fifteen Days [The Finish Line]


For the first time in my life I felt that this part of my life wasn’t left up to chance. I knew that it was a numbers game if I did the approaches. It seemed as if a whole world had opened up for me. I was already nearly halfway to my objective in the first day!

Again that feeling of great progress took over and so I ended up doing an approach on Sunday at church and then nothing until Wednesday. Each time I came back to start approaching it was hard to do the first one. It became easier after the first one was under my belt. A lot of the approaches I did after the first day were one a day. I tried to make them where I was during my normal everyday life.

Two weeks later on Saturday I still needed four more to reach the goal of twenty. This time I got a little help from Kathy to finish them up. We went to the mall to find girls to talk to. Kathy took me into stores that were filled with women and she would set me loose. I got flustered early that day because one of the approaches didn’t go well at all. The girl literally didn’t respond to my opener at all. It made the whole interaction feel really awkward but I only had three more to do. So I manned up and finished.

Twenty approaches in Fifteen days! It took me that third Saturday to finish but I was so relieved. I accomplished what I had set out to do and I learned a lot! I knew if this was to become a part of my life that these wouldn’t be the last approaches. This was simply the beginning.

God-Help – The Journey


The next important component to improvement is that you break any problem down into manageable pieces so you can have reasonable goals. I saw in an article recently that happiness comes from lots of small achievements rather than a single big achievement. Not only will you be more happy at the end of the process, you have a much better chance of reaching the final goal. Continue reading

God-Help – The Concept


I’ve been thinking over the past few days about how a person should implement the changes necessary to improve their life. One of the things that sticks out to me is the whole concept of self-help. I love the concept of being able to improve yourself through the experience of others. There are many people that have become really well known for their work in this area like Dr. Phil and Deepak Chopra. Continue reading

A Moment Like This


This morning while I was driving into work, I heard a news story come on the radio. The news anchor announced that a teenage kid had taken a challenge to disconnect from technology for a period of ninety days. The anchor went on to explain that the kid told news reporters that it had a major effect on his life and that he was grateful to have completed it. Continue reading

The Purpose


The turning point came for me when God showed me that I am not simply a result of my biology. I have a say in how my life turns out, that I can work on myself and improve my life. This is the purpose of this website. I want to show others what that looks like. How to make steps in the right direction to create a better tomorrow for yourself.

In my business I failed to realize that success wasn’t in the idea. It was in the people. Success follows people. Some success is inherent to the individual but, people who succeed in many different areas have certain attitudes, things that guide them through anything they do in their life. My goal is to study and learn from those people. Continue reading