Approach Reflections, Part 2


The second question I posed last time was this. How do I change my choices in dating? This question has bothered me for quite a while. There is no simple, easy answers. It also begs another question. What am I selling? Dating is about selling yourself to someone else. Unfortunately in this business, it is always personal. Continue reading

Twenty Approaches in Fifteen Days [The Finish Line]


For the first time in my life I felt that this part of my life wasn’t left up to chance. I knew that it was a numbers game if I did the approaches. It seemed as if a whole world had opened up for me. I was already nearly halfway to my objective in the first day!

Again that feeling of great progress took over and so I ended up doing an approach on Sunday at church and then nothing until Wednesday. Each time I came back to start approaching it was hard to do the first one. It became easier after the first one was under my belt. A lot of the approaches I did after the first day were one a day. I tried to make them where I was during my normal everyday life.

Two weeks later on Saturday I still needed four more to reach the goal of twenty. This time I got a little help from Kathy to finish them up. We went to the mall to find girls to talk to. Kathy took me into stores that were filled with women and she would set me loose. I got flustered early that day because one of the approaches didn’t go well at all. The girl literally didn’t respond to my opener at all. It made the whole interaction feel really awkward but I only had three more to do. So I manned up and finished.

Twenty approaches in Fifteen days! It took me that third Saturday to finish but I was so relieved. I accomplished what I had set out to do and I learned a lot! I knew if this was to become a part of my life that these wouldn’t be the last approaches. This was simply the beginning.

Twenty Approaches in Fifteen Days [The Beginning]


By the time I did my first approach after the hiatus, it might as well have been my first approach all over again. The very thought of approaching the first woman made my heart rate skyrocket. It was at Walmart later in the morning. I went out by myself to go to the mall which would give me some women to talk to. I got sidetracked and ended up at Walmart instead. Continue reading

Twenty Approaches in Fifteen Days [The Rules]


It had always been a sticking point in my life. I had always wondered what it would feel like to just be able to walk up and talk to anyone. My particular sticking point had always been the beautiful girls. Even the thought of talking to them made my pulse increase. How would they react? I didn’t want to be seen as that guy who just hit on girls to get laid. Deep in my heart I knew that I needed to conquer this fear. Continue reading