Who Am I?

whoamiThe title of this article reminds me of the Jackie Chan movie. He suffered amnesia and didn’t know who he was. All the while he was getting chased by these people trying to hurt him. This article has nothing to do with amnesia or people trying to hurt you but its still really cool. How often have you posed the question, who am I, to yourself? If you’re like me then probably not enough.

I think we always assume that we know who we are. Who else spends as much time with you? The question is deep because it requires thought. You are not your habits. What if you were the worlds greatest baseball player but you never even tried the sport? You would never know that part of yourself. There are countless things that you may never try but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time getting to know yourself better.

The reasons I’m writing this right now is because I’ve been pondering this question a lot lately. What does a life that I absolutely love look like? How would I spend my days? What things do I enjoy the most? I don’t think these are the types of questions that you can figure out in the matter of days. They take a lifetime.

Try something new. Do things a little bit different. Break a habit or two. Put yourself in a new situation and see how you react. At the very least spend some time thinking about those things that you never did but always wanted to try.

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