Self Confrontation

Last night I joined a new class at church. The class is called Step By Step and is taught out of a book called Self-Confrontation. I heard from my friend who took it last session that the homework was difficult and that it took a lot of time and dedication.

The concept for the class is that you can use God’s word to examine areas of your life and use biblical principle to invoke change. It was said by Carrie, the instructor, that God didn’t promise it would be easy, but that it would be simple.

Sitting in that room I could feel the unease of the people around me. I’m sure to them the concept of looking inward at yourself is a foreign concept, perhaps even scary. I think the first step is the willingness to accept anything you find in yourself. A lot of people don’t ever really ask themselves the “why” question because they are afraid of what they will find. The truth is that no matter what you find in yourself, God already knew about it. Take comfort in the fact that the only reason you see a problem is because God has planned to help you deal with it.

One of the hardest things to do is accept the flaws you have. You always want to be better in certain areas. People commonly just ignore their flaws and go about their lives like nothing is wrong. I know. I lived that way for a long time. You convince yourself that its just a part of who you are and that there is nothing that can be done about it.

The truth is that if there was nothing you could do about that flaw then it wouldn’t bother you. I can always make excuses as to why I can’t get better at something, why I can’t get out of a certain situation. Think about something; do you ever worry about not being able to fly? No, that is ridiculous! The reason you worry about your flaws and try to hide them is because you know that you can do something about them.

I came away with a sense of excitement! This class is the perfect subject at the perfect time for me. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been ready to fully dig in during last session. God has really shown me recently that I can examine myself and that He can help me grow in areas I need to grow in.

I’m excited because I know that God will use this! He has already been leading me down this path and I know that He has incredible things lined up for me to do! You get out what you put in so I’m planning on putting a lot of work in so that God will take a lot out!

God has called me to help others. This class is the first in a series to teach me how to help others. The truth that I now know is that I will always be happiest when I’m doing the things that God is calling me to do. It feels like there is this muscle that I didn’t even know was there. That muscle is really strong already and if I train it, it will allow me to do things I would have never dreamed of before.

I encourage you to really spend time figuring out what God is calling you to do. For me it seemed like an impossible task! I would confuse myself figuring out all the things that I was good at that God could use. This is where good friends really help.

My friends are the ones that saw my gifts before I ever even knew them. If you ask your friends and you see commonalities between what they see in you, then you know that these could be your gifts. Explore those gifts and see how you can use them in your life. For me it was a matter of joining a class. What does it look like for you?

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  1. It's a REALLY good feeling knowing you're in the exact right spot that God has called you to be in and doing exactly what God has called you to do. Not many people have that satisfaction.

    • Yeah, I wish more people would listen to God and follow His path for their lives. It gives me an unexplainable joy to do the things God is calling me to do.

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