Five Points to Healthy Living

life-tyleHealthy eating is definitely important to achieving an optimum body weight but it is not the only key. From my experience is accounts for about 80% of your results. The other 20% comes from the activity level in your life. Here are some things I have learned about creating a healthy lifestyle.

1. You have to find something you love that involves activity. For me it was bike riding. I went out during my first summer of losing weight and was determined to either fall in love with bike riding or die trying. When I started, it was not fun. It was work. I could ride about 4 miles a day and it would just about kill me. As I spent more time trying, it became more fun. It was the challenge of getting further today than I did yesterday. Soon, I was biking further than I even thought was possible.

2. Find time to prepare your own food. The best way to control what you eat is to see everything that goes into the food you eat. Most people claim that they don’t have the time to make dinner every night. I have had the most busy schedules in my life recently and have still found time to make my own food. During the week I might not have time make everything for lunch and dinner but Sunday is my cook day. I have a crockpot cooking stuff while I’m at work. There are tons of ways to make your own food even if you don’t have time once you get home. It is important and you will make a big difference in your eating habits by cooking your own food.

3. Keep busy with something! This may be more of a personal thing but I find myself thinking about food when I’m bored. The easiest way is to fill your time with something other than TV and Internet browsing. Right now I fill my time with Salsa dancing. I don’t even get home until 9:30 PM most night so I don’t even worry about food most of the time. It is also good to note that if you are going to skip a meal, dinner is the best.

4. Learn about your health. Invest in becoming more knowledgeable about health and nutrition. It is one of the best things you can learn about! I became really fascinated with how the body worked and how what I ate effected my body. It is amazing how much improving your health can make you feel so much better. Less doctor visits and less getting sick. It really does make a difference.

5. The small things do add up. A lot of the differences I have made in my life are not drastic.I started off small, giving up soda. Over time these small changes all added up to be a big difference in my health. I encourage you to make the decision to start the process and making your life better today. Don’t completely change everything all at once. Make a small change and get to the point where you are comfortable with it and then continue making more small changes. You are creating a lifestyle that is permanent. Make the changes knowing that you are leaving these old habits behind. Find courage in the fact that you are making a better tomorrow for yourself.

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