The Biggest Gift

Some of the most wonderful gifts in life are completely undeserved and unexpected. God’s gift of salvation is one of the best examples of this in history!

I remember one of the best gifts I ever got. It was a random Tuesday and the new movies were being released at Best Buy. I went with my girlfriend at the time to go get a new movie she wanted to get. We went into the store to grab a copy and I was looking through the other movies they had. I had no intention of buying a movie. I was just curious to see what was there.

When I was going through the movies, one caught my eye. It was the tenth anniversary edition of Braveheart. This was one of my favorite movies of all time so I was looking at the DVD for quite a while. Soon it was time to go and I put the movie back and waited at the exit of the store for her to finish her purchase.

We got back in the car to go home. I was interested in seeing what special features the movie I thought we had bought came with, so I grabbed the bag to look for the movie. When I opened the bag I saw Braveheart in it. I was completely shocked. I had no idea how she knew that I really wanted that movie. I had no idea how she even got the movie and paid for it without me knowing. It was a completely random time to buy me a gift because we had no special days like a birthday or an anniversary or anything to celebrate.

I looked up at her and said “What is this?” She said “I saw your really wanted it and I wanted to do something nice for you.” By the time I responded, I had tears in my eyes and could only muster the words “Really?” She said “It’s not a big deal, its just a movie.” but by the time the words left her mouth, she had tears too.

That was not the biggest or most desired gift, but it certainly caused the most emotion for me. The fact that the gift was completely undeserved and unexpected made it seem so much more important to me. She didn’t have to do that for me. The fact that she wanted to do that just to make me happy made it one of the best gifts I ever got.

This is how God gives gifts. There are no strings attached. He doesn’t expect you to repay Him for the gifts you get. He does expect you to use those gifts however. I am grateful that God gives His gifts that way because we don’t deserve them.

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