Where It All Begins

Welcome To Olathe, Kansas

Welcome To Olathe, Kansas

What is the purpose of this website? Why would I bother to document the journey I am on? First, let me explain what the intent of this website is, then I can describe the motive behind it. The purpose of this website is to tell a story; the story of a journey that I began a few years back. In order to fully understand, you have to know where I came from.

I was just an average Kansas boy growing up in a small town outside Kansas City called Olathe. This was my home up until a few years ago. My circle of friends was small but, we always had each others’ backs. As is the case with any boy, I had my friends and I had my enemies.

One of my best friends in the world was my brother Chris. He was also my fiercest enemy! I remember growing up gaming was my life. Chris was the opponent I could never really beat. Every time he would win a game (and he won more than a few times) he would say “I retire as champion of the world!” It used to really annoy me when he said that! I was ultra competitive and the fact that my brother was three years older than me didn’t matter. We competed in basketball, football, Street Fighter 2, NBA Jams, NCAA Football, Tekken. When we played team games it would be my friend Erik and I vs. Chris and Brent.

Erik and me held our own. Of course Chris was always able to find the cheat, which would piss me and Erik off. I remember in NBA Jams that we would own Chris and Brent until one day they found the “special” spot. From this spot you could hit a three point shot and there was no way to block it without getting a goal tending call.

The reason I am telling you all this is because Chris was the person in my life that taught me to be a fighter. No matter how good I got at something, he would always be there to push me to get even better. I can honestly say that we were the best in our neighborhood at these games. Nobody else could even compete with us.

It is my wish that you draw two major ideas from these stories. First, if you have a passion to do something, no matter how bad you think you are at it, then you should pursue it. We were not good at these games because we were talented and / or gifted at it. We were good because we had a passion to be better and we put in the time to get better. This is a truism: If you put the time in to getting better at something, you will get better.

Second, if you have someone pushing you to improve, you will make improvement in whatever you’re seeking. My brother pushed me to get better. It was important to me not to be the worst at something so we pushed each other to be the best. My whole journey is based on these two thoughts.

But, remember I told you my journey started a few years ago. The story I just told you happened to me when I was a kid. My next article will explain how and why I got off course.


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